MIndset & HUman performance mentor

People try to change their results with self help books that get them nowhere.
I help them through a proven process that works, so that they can get unstuck from living unfulfilled lives on other people's terms and thrive.

You want to be an expert in your field and enjoy time and money
freedom in the process.
But the results are lacking and that
leaves you feeling frustrated.

 This is just plain wrong:
It should not be so hard to be free and successful!

Many of our clients face that issue.
 Here is the plan that has helped thousands of people to get unstuck and thrive in this situation.

This is how we do it:

1) We listen and identify your obstacles
2) We find the way to conquer them
3) You start winning. Time and time again.

With this plan you will turn away from becoming a statistic.
The Success plan will help achieve your goals in any environment and help you thrive with your vision of your future..


If you are interested to know more about how this system helps you grow, download this mini-course designed to get you started on your journey to your greater self.

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Client Testimonials

A message from Bob Proctor

Bernd, Management Consultant

If you are looking to give your life a completely new direction, you need to talk to Joerg Hartmann.

His six-months-coaching program 'Thinking-Into-Results' (TIR), will literally blow your mind. The course is based on knowledge and experience gathered over five decades by the ingenious, witty and highly inspirational Bob Proctor.

 I was looking for a new life-goal and a completely new perspective, but was lost between too many self-help-books and theories that somehow didn’t seem to work. Joerg understood fully and with him things finally starting moving into the right direction.

Not only does he provide the right and proven theoretical approach, but he also makes sure that you keep going with your daily mental work-outs. Joerg is very knowledgeable, contentious, caring and will go out his way to make TIR a huge success for you.
Nothing is ever too much trouble for him.

Whatever your age is, wherever you come from, whatever your goals may be, this will work and change your life and I wholeheartedly recommend Joerg and TIR.

Mary, Interior Designer

I decided to enroll in Thinking into Results program, because I was tired of the same results year after year and wanted a breakthrough
once and for all.

I went into the program open minded and ready to do what it takes to get the best out of this 24 weeks program. I had faith in my mentor
Joerg Hartmann that he would guide me all along to get the best results out of it because he himself experienced the benefits of the program.  That makes him a great mentor to have by your side.

He is highly knowledgeable of this material and was very supportive all along.  I have grown tremendously, discovered a side of me that I didn’t even know exist and my results are showing and constantly growing.

Most importantly, now I have the tools to deal with any situation that life throws at me, thanks to TIR.
It was undoubtedly the best gift I have given to myself.

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